Creative Nail Designs To Try Out Inspired By Sunsets and Blue Skies

We have always had a thing for sunsets and blue skies so trust us when we say our hearts skipped a beat when we saw these creative nail designs by Miss Candy. These nail arts are all inspired by real life images of blue or night skies with pantone colour matching done. How aesthetically pleasing!

If you are looking for nailspirations for your upcoming manicure appointment, consider one of these designs. Simply save any of the designs you fancy and show it to your nail artist!

# Blue Sky

As Vincent van Gogh once shared: “I never get tired of the blue sky.”

We cannot agree more! After all, clear skies always bring with them a symbol of hope. Paint your nails sky blue for a constant reminder that there is hope in everything, even when things seem bleak.

# Purple Skies

This nail art is inspired by the fluffy white clouds we see in the sky. Instead of blue, purple is used and we are loving the details!

# Purple Sunset

Those who love the pink and purple hues in sunsets would love this set of nails. The dreamy phenomenon is recreated with soft glitter in the pantone colour Radiant Orchid. Add this to your manicure wish list if you want to wear the sunset on your nails!

# Purple Night Sky

Photo Credit: Miss Candy (via RED)

# Rainbow Rain

This set is a little lighthearted compared to the other nail arts we shared above. This minimalist nail art focuses on fluffy white clouds with rainbow-like rain. Those who want to inject a little more positive vibes in their life can consider trying out this cute set!

What do you think of these nail arts? Yay or nay? If you know a girlfriend who would love these creative nail designs, share this post with them so they don’t miss out!

๐Ÿ“ธ Featured Image: Miss Candy (via RED)

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