NARS Cosmetics Launches Thrilling New Limited Edition Orgasm X Cheek Palette

Orgasm has always been one of NARS’s best-selling and highly raved collections. This time, they have launched an all-new limited edition cheek palette in addition: the Orgasm X Cheek Palette.

Photo Credit: NARS Cosmetics

Ladies, although this is a blush palette, you can use it on practically everywhere else too. Some of us often limit the usage of our products only for the their respective use: eyeshadows for eyes, lipstick for the lips, etc. You get it. But, here’s the beauty of makeup. Versatility. Since you can use lipstick as eyeshadow, lipstick for blush, why not use the cheek palette for everything else too?

The palette includes two blush shades and one highlighter: Orgasm Highlighting Powder, Orgasm Blush and Orgasm X Blush.

Orgasm Blush is a light shade of a sweet peachy pink and has a weightless texture that is extremely easy to blend. If you are a fan of sheer and natural blush, this is perfect for you. The upside? It’s perfect for almost any skin tone!

On the other hand, the Orgasm X Blush (a cult favourite!) is warm-toned and it is a dark coral shade that has a slightly golden luminous finish.

You know how some highlighter is heavily-pigmented and can give off too much “shine” than you’d like them to? Well, this highlighter is the kind that gives you a subtle golden shimmer to your face without coming off too overbearing and we must say… We are quite in love with it. It’s like a shy cousin who stands out even without even trying to make their existence known. Well… You get it.

The Orgasm X Cheek Palette is available for purchase on Sephora here for approximately S$58.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: NARS Cosmetics

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