Show Off Your Unique Personality With The ‘Pandora Me’ Series

Pandora has been around for many years, and have continuously drawn us in without fail. Especially here in Singapore, many of us are huge fans of their jewellery. So what’s so special about the Pandora Me series?

If you haven’t heard of it, “Pandora Me” is a special collection of charms that each expresses your personality. From minimalist micro charms to single stud earrings to bracelets and bangles, there are endless ways for you to show off your personality. Now, who doesn’t like adding a personal touch to their jewellery?

Pandora Me Link Bracelet (S$149)

Photo Credit: Pandora

Behold, this is the Pandora Me Link Bracelet, specially made from sustainable sterling silver. With chunky, chain-like links fitted with their signature logo ball clasp. You can add on up to eight different charms of your choice onto each link, and the best part? This bracelet is available in five different sizes.

Check out how it looks when worn and adorned with charms!

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Pandora Me Snake Chain Bracelet (S$89)

Photo Credit: Pandora

Did you think that this collection only has one type of bracelet? If so, surprise! You can also find this sleek version of their classic snake chain bracelet here, and of course it also comes with their signature logo ball clasp. Again meticulously made from sustainable sterling silver, it is available in six sizes. The upside? You can hang 30 different dangling charms to customise your very own bracelet.

Exciting? Let’s take a look at some of the charms in this series. Warning: you may feel the urge to head over to their website immediately after seeing how unique and pretty each of them are.

Pandora Me Charms

#1 My Moon Dangle Charm (S$39)

Lunar lovers, you will love this. If you are all about the sun, the moon and the stars, we reckon this crescent charm will fit your personality perfectly. Embellished with bold blue crystals on the front and filled with intricate beadings on the back, you can flip this charm whenever you’re feeling it, and it will look gorgeous either way.

Get it here.

#2 My Magical Unicorn Dangle Charm (S$25)

Always had a thing for unicorns? Look no further. Similar to the crescent moon charm, this unicorn charm has beaded details on the back as well, and can be flipped as and when you like. Whatever a unicorn means to you, show it off by wearing it proudly on your wrist.

Get it here.

#3 My Pretty Flower Dangle Charm (S$39)

Want a little colour to your bracelet? Here’s a pretty little flower charm adorned with pink and blue crystals, and with beaded designs on the back as well. We think this can be a really refreshing add-on to your bracelet if you’re all about flora and nature.

Get it here.

#4 My Cherry Dangle Charm (S$19)

Contemplating which charm to add on to your bracelet in order to show off your sweet personality? You know how some cakes can never look totally complete without a cherry on top? We’re thinking that this cherry charm might just be the one. For all the sweet ladies out there, don’t miss out on this.

Get it here.

#5 My Butterfly Dangle Charm (S$39)

This may look like a simple and normal charm to some, but for butterfly lovers out there like us, it’s gorgeous. If you look closely, this captivating charm is embellished with tiny little crystals that are meant to capture all the light and reflect them right back in all directions. Genius.

Get it here.

To view more of the Pandora Me series, visit their official website here.

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