How To Choose The Perfect Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

In our previous article on choosing the perfect nail colour for your skin tone, we talked about all the different skin tones and skin undertones, and how they are essential in helping us to find the best colours that suit us.

Similar to makeup and lipstick, hair can also be another kind of fashion statement. Be it red, platinum blonde, ash green or electric blue, there is an abundance of beautiful hair colours out there. But how do we know if our dream hair colour really matches our complexion?

Know Your Skin Tone

Just like the colours on a palette, our skin tones have different shades and undertones as well. When choosing a hair colour, the trick is to know the right one that can complement our skin tone. Are you light-skinned, medium-olive or dark-skinned?

Know The Colours That Suit Your Skin Tone

If you have light skin, the best colours to have on are light colours. By light colours, we don’t just mean blonde or platinum. We also mean bright colours like pink, baby blue, lilac, silver and the list goes on. Brighter colours are able to bring out the softness of your skin without making you look too washed out, as compared to darker colours like black.

Hair Colours For Light Skin

Check out BLACKPINK Rosรฉ’s pink hair! Notice how her pink hair brings a certain softness to her appearance?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Don’t you think this lavender-lilac hair colour looks amazing on her?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Here’s Pony, the famous Korean beauty guru, with her blueish gradient hair. Don’t you think the blue hair makes her look like an ice princess?

Photo Credit: Modelpress

Hair Colours For Medium-Olive Skin

If you have a medium to olive skin tone, lucky for you. You can wear both light and dark colours and you can rock almost anything, really. It all depends on the kind of look you want to go for. However, if you want to play it safe, we recommend you to go for colours like brown, honey blonde or best yet, an ombre!

Below, we have actress Shay Mitchell rocking a brown and honey blonde ombre. Notice how sun-kissed her skin looks? All thanks to the wonderful gradient of her hair!

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life

Actress Brenda Song rocking the classic brown.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Okay, if you really want a little extra pop of colour, go for a deep red, maroon or burgundy. Just like singer Cheryl.

Photo Credit: Look

Hair Colours For Dark Skin

Naturally, if you want your hair to look really luscious, thick and healthy, the safest would be to stick to darker shades like black and deep chocolate brown. However, if you are sick and tired of the same old boring black and brown, go ahead and go crazy with any colour you want. We promise you will still look stunning.

Check out how amazing this teal looks!

If you want the classy and elegant look, black is your go-to!

Want to look sleek and stylish? Silver-grey is for you.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It may seem too much of a hassle to find the perfect hair colour, but it will be worth it we promise.

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