I Tried Plastic Cosmetics’ Magnetic Lashes So You Don’t Have To

I’ve always been a fan of thick luscious lashes but not the hefty price tag of $100+ lash extensions. While I did indulge in the occasional lash extension set for special occasions (weddings, holidays, birthdays), I didn’t enjoy the after part when they started dropping off. Falsies, or fake glue-on lashes were an option but I have to admit, I’m no beauty expert and I can’t remember the number of times the lash band would stick out. Not to mention I have no idea how do girls blend their real lashes so flawlessly with their false lashes?!

When I came across Xiaxue’s new makeup line, Plastic Cosmetics, I was surprised to see that she was selling magnetic lashes. While this is not a new concept, magnetic lashes didn’t really seem to be a thing when I watched beauty influencers do their makeup on YouTube. I’ve heard of other brands such as Glamnetic but I wasn’t a fan of their prices- it was priced at S$43 for just one set lashes!

Photo Credit: Glamnetic

On the other hand, Plastic Cosmetic seemed reasonably priced at S$49.90 (before shipping) and each set comes with 3 pairs of lashes, one bottle of magnetic eyeliner and tweezers. Pretty affordable, considering that you don’t have to buy additional items and each pair can *technically* last forever as long as the magnets are not damaged. She also sells magnetic eyeliners for S$15.90.

Since its launch in January, Plastic Cosmetics has added three new lash styles: Baby, Subtle and Wispy lashes. As you can see from the images above, many of her lash sets sell out fast!

The order

I’m not a fan of really big lashes so I decided to try the “dolly” set. This style of lashes is meant to give a cute wide-eyed effect, almost like a doll. It was out of stock when I placed my order and there was an estimated two weeks waiting time. In total, I paid an additional S$5 for shipping.

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

My order ended up taking almost two and a half weeks, due to a slight delay so do take note of that when you’re making your order! The packaging first of all, was incredible. Have you ever seen such sparkly pink poly mailers?

Packaging was amazing, and it felt sturdy. There wasn’t any glitter fallout from the box too, which was great because no one wants flaky glitter that gets all over your makeup area. Each set comes with a small cardboard sheet of instructions. At a glance, the dolly lashes looked fluttery, soft and well-made. The instructions do recommend you to measure the lash to fit your eye shape but personally I felt that the band fit my eye shape quite well so I skipped this step.

Photo Credit: Plastic Cosmetics

I have to say, this eyeliner is insane! I drew a line on my hand, waited for it to dry and rubbed it vigorously yet there wasn’t a single smudge. The intensity of the eyeliner is good, you probably only need one layer but the instructions do recommend to be generous with the eyeliner so that the lashes will stick comfortably, so I did two layers. I’m not a fan of the eyeliner brush because my hands aren’t very steady so I do wish there was a way for the eyeliner to have a thicker tip so that there would be more control. Tip: Make sure your eyeliner is completely dry before you attempt to put the lash on!!

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

I tried putting one lash first and here you can see how my eyes look more awake. While you can use the tweezers provided, you can also use your fingers. To put on the lashes, do stick them on from your inner lashes to out, and keep close to your own lashes. It’s pretty fuss-free and the lashes stick to the liner almost immediately. In fact, I had chio lashes in less than 5 seconds.

Here’s how both lashes look on me. The lashes are quite long and feels secure- I tried sitting in front of the fan and gently tugging my lashes but they won’t budge. Even with my eyes closed, they look like regular falsies.

Photo Credit: The Female Culture


These lashes are about to become the reason why I’d wear falsies more often. I’ve long struggled with dealing with the sticky mess from lash glue and with this, I can look made up pretty quick. Removing them were painless and you have to use eye makeup remover because the liner can get a little sticky. Overall, this purchase was worth the money!

You can purchase these lashes at Plastic Cosmetics.

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