PONY And MAC Cosmetics Join Hands For A Tarot Cards-Inspired Collection

Ladies who live and breathe makeup must know PONY (Park Hye-Min). Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, PONY is best known for her K-beauty makeup tutorials as well as being a top celebrity makeup artist for stars such as 2NE1’s CL.

The makeup guru recently recently worked with makeup giant brand MAC Cosmetics for a special collaboration and guess what? It is inspired by PONY’s love for crystals and tarot cards!

Scroll along to unravel the collection with us!

PONY X MAC Cosmetics Make Up Prodcuts
Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

Products in this stunning collection includes an eight-shade eyeshadow palette, lip-plumping lip gloss, highlighters and a special face mist formulated with pearl shimmer. Accompanying this dazzling collection are also makeup brushes and a set of dreamy falsies.

PONY X MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Mousse
Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

This limited edition range also marks the debut of the Matte Lip Mousse that has arrived in nine different shades. Think a weightless formula that glides on evenly with a misty soft, matte finish. That’s the Matte Lip Mousse for you!

PONY in Mac Cosmetics Tarot Cards Collection
Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

Speaking to Hypebae, PONY shed more light on what this collection means to her.

“I was a graphic designer and it was my job at one point of my life. The special aura from the tarot card illustrations acted as an inspiration for my collection. I wanted everyone to have a chance to experience this kind of celestial mood and aura through my makeup collection.”

“In the tarot cards, the Sun, the Moon and the Star have both positive and negative meanings. These are symbolic in my daily life that embodies both the positive and the negative. Overall, they are a positive driving force for me.”

PONY in Mac Cosmetics Tarot Cards Collection
Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

Linking the collection to K-beauty, PONY also shared: “My collection with MAC is super meaningful to me in that I am able to bring K-beauty, Korean culture, Asian beauty and culture to the global market. I’ve been showing various looks on my social networks and videos for years and through this collaboration with MAC, I’m able to bring the actual experience to the global consumers so they can experience my vision directly and hands-on as they try the products.”

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📸 Featured Image: MAC Cosmetics

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