Popular K-Beauty Brand Age 20’s Launches Bedazzling new Essence Powder Pacts

Time is passing every second and we are definitely not getting any younger as it happens. If you are looking for something that can prolong the youth of your skin, you have officially stumbled upon a genie lamp. Except, this genie lamp is a beauty brand that would not require you to make three wishes.

AGE 20’s is a Korean beauty brand that has their products specially created to “express the most beautiful time of all women”. Let’s face it, the prime time of a woman is during her 20s. This is the time when our skin is still firm, tight and radiant. As we age, so does our skin. If you are in need of something to help you look as young and pretty as you were or to maintain your beauty now, you need to check AGE 20’s out.

If you have been following the brand, you would know that their most popular product is their essence foundation cream. If you are a heavy concealer user, you will love this. Their essence foundation cream is not only a foundation, it also works as a concealer. Best part of it all? It’s extremely moisturising, so you don’t have to worry about your face drying up or flaking anymore. With this product, gone are the days where you spend extra money buying two separate foundation and concealer. We always love a multi-functional product.

AGE 20’s has recently released two new gloss-based products: “Blue Orchid Diamond Powder” and “Swarovski Amber Crystal Powder” and the stunning packagings have left us bedazzled.

Blue Orchid Diamond Powder (SGD 80~)

AGE 20’s totally grasped the idea of diamonds being a girl’s best friend with this one. The pressed powder contains hyaluronic acid and French Blue Orchid essence, both of which helps to eliminate wrinkles, achieve a fairer complexion and protect yourself from UV rays and dry skin, this will be your best friend. Smooth, moisturised and brighter skin? Yes please!

The powder contains three colours: pink, mint green and beige. Using pink on our skin can erase out dark circles and darker blemishes; mint green to neutralise any redness in our skin and of course, the beige is to even out our overall skin tone.

Photo Credit: AGE 20’s

As if multi-coloured powder in a silver box isn’t pretty enough, its design is enhanced by tiny pieces of diamonds and sapphires. We’re pretty sure it was meant to entice all the beauty lovers out there. Fun fact, the powder also contains patented powders of ruby, amethyst, sapphire and diamonds to leave our skin looking like gems and jewels.

Swarovski Amber Crystal Powder (SGD 57~)

Their foundation cream has swirly floral patterns and consists of three different colours, lavender, beige and a lighter beige. Why three colours? In the world of make-up, lavender is used to brighten our skin tone, light beige acts as a concealer and the beige is of course, meant to even out your skin tone.

Photo Credit: AGE 20’s

To commemorate their seventh anniversary, the packaging is ornamented with seven Swarovski crystals. Don’t you think it looks absolutely stunning?

Heart-shaped Puffs

Here’s another plus point. Both pressed powders comes with ergonomically designed powder puffs that are shaped to resemble our nose, for easier and more precise application. During the application of foundation, it can be a little difficult to reach the areas around our nose. With these puffs, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Photo Credit: AGE 20’s

You can browse and purchase the products on their official website.

While the latest series is not available in Singapore yet, you may shop their other collections on Shopee.

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📸 Featured Image: AGE 20’s

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