3 Products To Help You Tame Your Baby Hair

Baby hair. We all have it; some of us love it, some of us hate it. The best thing about it? You can style it however you want, and you most definitely can tame it if you want to.

Ladies, it IS possible to keep your baby hairs out of your face without hair spray. The three products we are about to share with you are going to change the way you style your hair forever.

#1 Matomage Hair Styling Stick (S$9.90)

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We have personally tried this product and trust us, it works wonders. Extremely inexpensive yet effective, this styling stick is the perfect example of an underrated drugstore product. Some hair styling products may leave a sticky or greasy residue upon application, and some may even cause your hair to turn stiff and harden (like hair spray), but you will find this product to glide on smoothly without making your hair all icky.

Here’s how you can keep your hair in place with the stick.

Get it on the Watsons website store here.

#2 Hair Moment Flash Moment Stick (S$18)

Photo Credit: Hair Moment

Hair Moment is a cruelty-free brand that created their Flash Moment Stick as the ultimate solution to curb any baby hairs, stray ends and flyaway hairs. It is said to be able to hold your hair in place with just a few applications. Best part of this product? It contains natural plant extracts like jojoba oil, evening primrose oil and camellia oil. These natural ingredients are able to strengthen and condition your hair with a long-lasting effect, and on top of that, the product does not flake or harden after application as well.

This product is extremely easy to use. Just coat your hair with the product like how you would apply mascara. Same technique, people.

Get it on the Hair Moment website store here.

#3 Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax (S$8)

Photo Credit: Gatsby

Some women may repel the idea of using a product meant for men, but who said that only men can use hair wax?

For this method, all you will need is some hair wax and a comb.

Start off by combing all your baby hairs to the front. Then with an ample amount of hair wax, apply the wax onto your baby hairs. Make sure you cover all of them! Once done, simply comb the baby hairs backwards into your hair. Then you’re good to go!

You can expect your hair to be a just little bit sticky throughout the day, but no worries. As long as you don’t splurge on the wax, you’re all good.

Get it on Shopee here.

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