Samsung Launches BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds+ in Singapore

Anyone desperate for the BTS edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+? Well, if you are not, here’s why you should be. Any ARMYs here?

If you haven’t heard of BTS, you might have been living under a rock. BTS is a worldwide-famous Kpop boy group and through their talent, diligence, blood, sweat and tears, they have gained recognition from all over the world. Best part? They are extremely humble. Who wouldn’t love such hardworking individuals? Well, that’s beside the point.

BTS has teamed up with Samsung and released Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ in purple. We think the colour makes the whole collection look so sleek with a hint of playfulness. What do you think?

Introducing The Galaxy S20+ (S$1598)

In this edition, the Galaxy S20+ is has a metal exterior and is made of purple glass. Stamped with the iconic BTS logo, and it also includes a tiny purple heart where you can find the camera lens. How cute?

Photo Credit: The Verge

ARMYs, you are going to love it. In the phone, they have installed BTS themes, stickers and photo cards in advance so you can enjoy them. You can also find a fan community app, named “Weverse”.

Galaxy Buds+ (S$298)

For the Galaxy Buds+, they also come in purple. Or violet, more like. If you are a hardcore ARMY, we wouldn’t be surprised if you open the retail box and start screaming in excitement. Why? Well, this is because you can find BTS photo cards in it as well. How thoughtful.

Photo Credit: Samsung
Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung Wireless Charger (S$78)

Love the colour? Then you are sure to grab the wireless charger that Samsung has released for this collaboration as well. Also stamped with the BTS logo, if you look closely.

Truth be told, we are really starting to love violet more than we did before. Wireless chargers are a good investment. What is wireless and not convenient? Well, nothing.

Photo Credit: Samsung

Here’s a little tip for everyone who wants to beat the queue at the stores.

This collection will not be available for orders yet! For StarHub, pre-orders will only start on 26 June 2020. If you are a Singtel user or prefer buying them through Samsung’s website store, you can do so on 19 June 2020 onwards. Here’s the downside though: all pre-orders are to cease on 5 July 2020. While stocks last, people. The pre-orders might even end before 5 July 2020 so you might want to be quick!

50% Off Deal

Here’s another plus point: anyone who pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy S20+ through StarHub, Singtel or Samsung’s online store, you are entitled to 50% off on the Galaxy Buds+. See the catch? Customers who pre-order the wireless earbuds through Samsung’s online store can also redeem the wireless charger for FREE.

We can find no fault with this collaboration at all, really. With all these amazing deals, what more can we ask for? Be sure to prepare for war soon, you guys.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: NoypiGeeks, Pinterest

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