How To Perfect Your Contour Game With SHISEIDO’s New Four Petal Face Brush

SHISEIDO recently debuted the Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush and it has got to be one of the most interesting brushes we have ever seen! The brush is said to be able to help us sculpt and contour our face with ease thanks to its unique shape.

Shaped like SHISEIDO’s brand logo

The Hanatsubaki Haka Polishing Face Brush is designed and shaped like the four “petals” of a camellia flower which the brand based its logo on. The unique shape allows face contouring to be done with ease and allows ladies to buff their skin to a smooth, polished finish.

According to SHISEIDO, the brush is created with a special hidden core technology that is able to put pressure on application while creating a seamless finish.

Ethical and high quality craftsmanship

The fruition of these brushes are far more complicated than you think. At least 25 Kumano artisans assembled to put together 262,000 bristles to create the end product. Imagine that kind of quality and craftsmanship! If you are wondering, the fluffy and soft brushes are made of high performance synthetic fibers that are 100% vegan. (Yay!)

To slay your contour game, swirl the brush over your face and buff it onto your skin in a circular motion to create a polished look. While powder products seem to be the most apt, the brush is said to perform well with liquid and cream makeup as well.

The Hanatsubaki Haka Polishing Face Brush is now available in SHISEIDO stores here in Singapore. Locate a SHISEIDO store near you here.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: SHISEIDO

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