Get Your First Ink With These Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas

To the older generation in Asia, they have always seen tattoos as some sort of taboo. However, times have changed. In the recent years, more and more people are beginning to get their bodies inked. Personally, we think that tattoos are a special kind of art with skin as its canvas.

If you would like to get your first tattoo, you might want to go for something small first, just because. Of course, you can totally get a huge tattoo done for your first. But in this article, we will be sharing some smaller tattoo ideas for those who just wants to get a little feel on how getting inked is like.

#1 Sun & Moon

Anyone here all about the sun and the moon? If you love them just like us, it’s good to put them into consideration. You could never go wrong with a tattoo of either one of them, and they are usually small enough to cover up when you need to. There are thousands, if not millions, of different kinds of sun and moon tattoo designs all over the world, so you don’t ever have to get the exact same one here. Take the design and get your tattoo artist to make it yours!

#2 Mini Butterfly

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are looking for something that looks bit more feminine, butterflies are a good choice. The best places to have one on are the collarbone, wrist, the back of your neck or the side of your ankle. We feel that adding a small butterfly on these areas gives a certain softness to your look.

#3 Flowers

Photo Credit: Bellacocosum

Flowers are easily one of the most common tattoos to have, but don’t avoid getting them inked just because everyone else has it too. Remember, draw inspiration from different tattoo ideas online, and make it your own. Although flowers are generally common, there are still ways to make yours exclusive. Try experimenting with different colours and strokes, and our best advice is to trust your tattoo artist.

#4 Nature In A Triangle

Photo Credit: Livingly

We love how these tattoos look so simple at first glance, but you would realise that they are in fact very detailed as well. For those of you who are looking for a tattoo that features nature, but don’t want it to look too big or overwhelming, try going for one of these!

#5 Moon & Flowers

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nothing is better decorating one of the iconic celestial bodies with flowers. Actually, hardly anything can go wrong with flowers around it. Simply looking at this tattoo makes us want to get it right now. Isn’t it so pretty?

#6 Unalome

Photo Credit: Next Luxury

For those of you who don’t know what a unalome is, it is actually a symbol representing the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. You’d notice that there are many curves, twists and turns in one’s life. Dots are also included in a unalome, representing death or nothingness. There is no one fixed design for a unalome tattoo, so get creative with it! Common designs that are added to enhance the tattoo are lotus flowers, moon and sun.

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📸 Featured Image: Krissy Diane (via IG), Pinterest

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