Hair Colours To Try Out This Summer Inspired By TWICE In “More & More”

Twice has just come back recently with their latest song “More & More” and we are in love with their visuals in the music video, and especially their vibrant hair colours. So we came up with a list of hair colours for you to try out at the salon this quarantine.

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#1 Dahyun’s Indigo-Blue Hair

Take a look at Dahyun’s beautiful blue hair. If you have not tried any hair colour before or are seeking a bolder look, we totally recommend this colour for you. In natural lighting, the blue is not too bright, but when you go under the sun, you can see a hint of violet. Talk about versatility.

#2 Momo’s Blonde Hair

Momo seriously got us with this one. We love how her blonde hair compliments her fair complexion so well. If you like the idea of a baby doll look, we recommend trying out blonde on your next trip to the salon. Notice how the blonde does not make her look washed out? Instead, it gave her a soft and delicate look. So stunning!

#3 Sana’s Orange Hair

Want to make a statement and have all eyes on you from miles away? Look no further. Sana’s orange hair here is to help you achieve that. If you are a sucker for vibrant colours, orange should be the next to try on your list. Like a gulf of flame, orange hair is impossible to miss. Now, are you really expecting not to be seen when your hair looks like fire? Not a chance! So if you love standing out from the crowd, book your hairdresser and let them know you’re heading straight for the orange dye.

#4 Nayeon’s Brown Hair

Brown hair can be a little mainstream, however if you are neither a fan of striking colours nor of black hair, the solution to your problem may very well just be brown hair. Here’s a plus point for brown hair: it is an extremely wearable hair colour. Want to dye your hair but it’s against the rules of your job? Brown is the safest bet. It is hard to go wrong with brown, trust us. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how elegant Nayeon looks in brown?

#5 Jihyo’s Strawberry Pink Hair

Ladies, if you love pink everything, you simply cannot miss out on having pink hair too. Look how sweet Jihyo looks in this strawberry pink hair. Pastel colours, like this pink, is your ticket to looking like a real life Barbie doll.

#6 Chaeyoung’s Turquoise Hair

We don’t know why, but turquoise hair always reminds us of mermaids. Seriously, we have no idea why. But Chaeyoung does look like an actual mermaid with her braids and wavy bangs. Moving on, she looks absolutely adorable in her turquoise hair and we can’t help but wish we had it too. Turquoise really adds a huge pop of colour to her and greatly enhances her fair complexion and we’re just… in love.

#7 Mina’s Blonde Hair

Although Momo is also blonde, Mina’s blonde hair does seem to be a shade darker than Momo’s. Of course, Mina looks equally as stunning as Momo as well. If you are afraid of looking too washed out or pale, you can try Mina’s shade of blonde. Notice how it makes her look like a fairy? So pretty!

#8 Tzuyu’s Maroon Hair

Tzuyu looks like a young princess out of a movie and she is literally blinding all of us with her cuteness. How do you like her maroon hair? We love how the maroon is a darker shade of red, so it really manages to balance out her fair complexion. If you haven’t had any bold colours in your life and would like to try one out, maroon is your go-to. A plus point for this shade of red is that it’s also extremely wearable like brown, even to work.

#9 Jeongyeon’s Blonde Hair

Okay, hold up. We know that two members already have blonde hair. However, they are of different shades. We must say though, Jeongyeon’s blonde hair is of a different undertone. If you have viewed our previous article on hair colours, you would be able to know the importance of undertone. Back to Jeongyeon, her blonde seems to have a little bit of brown mixed in it so it does not look as fair as the other two members’. We think she looks gorgeous and classy here.

After watching their “More & More” music video, we can’t lie about wanting to run to the hair salon right now, just to get our hair fixed a different colour. The video’s visuals are amazing as well. Be sure to check them out!

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