5 Tips On Learning To Love Yourself

Hey girls, we’ve all been through days where all we feel is blue and the only thoughts running through our minds are our flaws and every single mistakes we made before. We’ve all been through days where we just can’t find a reason to love ourselves and everything around us just seems to descend into darkness.

But girls, these days don’t last forever and trust us, it is possible to start loving yourself. Be it because you can’t forgive yourself for something you did wrong or because you fucking hate your appearance, there are ways to start loving yourself again. Here we have for you, five tips on learning to love yourself so you can once again be that happy sunshine girl that you were when you were young. Read on to find out more.

#1 Forgive yourself for your past and your mistakes

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Come on, everyone makes mistakes. We all know that. These mistakes might affect yourself only or on some occasions even affect others. These mistakes might be all you think about every night before going to bed. Instead of just constantly replaying what went wrong over and over again in your head, reflect on your mistake and learn about what you should have done instead. Reflecting and giving yourself an answer is the best way for you to get a closure, because the first person you should answer to is always yourself. After that, forgive yourself as what has been done should be left in the past. Understand that what’s been done can never been undone no matter how many times you think about it, and the only best thing you should be doing is to move on and learn from it. Forgiving and loving yourself despite whatever past you have is the number on step to finding your worth.

#2 Give yourself a break

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We all can be hard on ourselves sometimes especially when we constantly set sky high expectations for ourselves. Nobody can love themself if they constantly batter themself down over every single issue. So learn to give yourself a break and drill the fact that literally nobody is perfect into your mind. Bad things do happen, but learn to accept them and not be too harsh on yourself. Knowing that you deserve a break is crucial in learning to love yourself as it means that you’ve learnt how to care for yourself and your own mental health.

#3 Learn to say no to others

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Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re doing something not because you want to, but because you do not know how to say no, or have been pressurized into saying yes. But look, pleasing others and bringing joy to others is a good thing, but it must never be in exchange of your own happiness. If you ever feel that doing a certain something for others has been making you uncomfortable or unhappy, or that it is overwhelming you and draining you, learn to say no. Learn to look after yourself more and focus more on yourself. Remember this: you’re human too, and you’re entitled to say no to anything that will cause you negative emotions. Loving yourself means that you understand that nothing is worth it if its gonna cost you your happiness.

#4 Make a list of your accomplishments

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You might be confused as to why you should do this. The reason is fairly simple. When you make a list of your accomplishments, you can constantly look back at it and feel good about yourself. This will allow you to slowly master the art of being proud of yourself. It can serve as a reminder for you about everything you have achieved. List down everything that you’re proud of that you have done, even things like dragging yourself out of the bed to make breakfast when you’re feeling like shit, because this little things are the ones that count the most. Constantly being reminded of your achievements would allow you to love yourself a little more every day as you slowly focus less on the negative aspects of your life.

#5 Learn to enjoy alone time

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To some of you, all alone time might mean is tears and thoughts. However, learning to enjoy alone time might actually be really helpful for your mind and soul. First of all, learning to enjoy alone time means that you don’t have to be reliant on others to fill up the gaps for you, which makes you less vulnerable to being hurt. Secondly, being with others can sometimes be soooo emotionally draining and alone time is the perfect time for you to recharge on your energy. You also get to be in touch with your emotions which would help you in accepting yourself. Knowing that time spent with yourself is important would help you love yourself more.

We hope these tips would help you get through your bad phases in life. Always remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Love yourself, and you will through all obstacles ahead of you.

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