Top 10 Pet Instagram Accounts To Perk Up Your Day

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than looking at a pet cat, dog, hamster or even fox to cheer you up. Check out these 10 pets to make your heart melt!

#1 Lou Lou the Pug

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Stay snuggly 🧸💕

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If you aren’t a fan of squishy puppers, wait til you see Lou Lou(@pugloulou)! Boasting an incredible 228k followers, this doe-eyed beauty has captured the hearts of many with her big round eyes and innocent face.

#2 Potato the Duck

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Who’s ready for some Potato throwback? #potatotheduck

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This cute darling actually belongs to a local favorite – Sandra Riley Tang, a Singaporean actress and singer. The best part? Potato the duck has three siblings! Sandra also owns a cat called Ruffles, Dorito the cockatiel and Nacho the dog. Check out the adorable quartet @rufflesdoritopotatonacho

#3 Lil Bub

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an extra hour of sleep and BUB's like 🤪 #lilbub

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Lil bub was born to a feral mother and has several mutations, including dwarfism, an underdeveloped jaw and no teeth. She had difficulty getting adopted and had to be bottled-fed. Despite the many setbacks, Lil Bub has flourished when Mike Bridavsky took her in, using her fame to raise US$300,000 for animals in need. Follow her @iamlilbub!

#4 Juniper the Fox

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The last junicorn

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Touted as the happiest fox, Juniper(@Juniperfoxx) is a happy ball of floof with a photogenic smile. She has an incredible 2.3m followers on Instagram with plenty of cameos from fox and doggo siblings. Juniper was born in captivity and is a descendant of fur-farm foxes, hence she cannot be released into the wild. If you look at her posts, you will see plenty of information of foxes, a great way to educate and spread awareness on foxes through an unconventional way!

#5 Fuzzberta the guinea pig

Who says dogs are the only ones who can dress up?! Enter Fuzzberta(@fuzzberta), the diva guinea pig with an eye for fashion and cosplay. Each Instagram picture is carefully posed to perfection and is sure to bring a smile to your faces!

#6 Cheese the Hamster

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Now we present you Mr. Round Boy himself, living up to his name, the chairman of The Round Boys Club – Sir. Tomato. Enjoy! —————————————— #hamster #degu #smallanimal #cute #可愛い #仓鼠 #ハムスター #cat #dog #癒し #かわいい #倉鼠 #pet #love #햄스터 #หนูแฮมสเตอร์ #bunny #funnyanimals #happy #hamstergram #petstagram #rat #可爱 #cheesethefathamster #fluffy #omg #bestfriend #bff #beautiful #relax —————————————— Disclaimer: 1. I never intend to do any harm to my pets and never joke about their health and safety. I never force them to do anything they don’t want to, only if my action is going to save their lives. 2. I always ensure a safe environment when I film my pets. Therefore, they are NEVER in any type of DANGER in ANY of photos or videos posted here. 3. I've NO intention whatsoever to encourage ANYONE to feed or do ANYTHING to their hamsters without researching or asking a vet. If people do so, it will be their own responsibility. 4. Animal abuse or cruelty is NOT some allegation anyone should force upon anyone else without SOLID PROOF or EVIDENCE in real life. Please think twice before making such statement. 5. I'm by no means an animal expert / vet, and never claim to be one. However, I’ve been reading through relevant scholarly peer reviewed academic research papers. Therefore, animal welfare discussions are always welcome. 6. To provide a peaceful environment for those who enjoy my content, any abusive language and bullying will not be tolerated. Once noticed, those accounts will be blocked straightaway and forever.

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Have you ever seen a hamster as chonky as this?! This furry baby (@cheese.the.fat.hamster) has over 111k followers on Instagram and has been spreading joy since 2016. Don’t blame us if you suddenly want to own a hamster!

#7 Maple the dog

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Today was a good day 🐶❤️

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Maple(maple.the.pup) is a sweet Border Collie/Sheltie/Golden Retriever mixed breed rescue dog with equally famous owner(@AcousticTrench). This old gal might be over 10 years old but she can still follow a tune. Catch her listening to her owner on the guitar and sooth your worries away.

#8 Millie Lou the hedgehog

Prickly or not, there’s no denying that Millie (@millie.thehedgie) is one of the cutest hedgehogs around with a dazzling smile to boot. This loveable ball can be seen against all sorts of lovely backdrops, looking content and happy.

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Another beautiful, crisp Fall day 🍂🍁

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#9 Prissy and Pop

Get ready to squeal in jealously when you see a pair of pigs(@prissy_pig) rocking #relationshipgoals better than you! What’s even better? They actually have a little family! It will definitely tug your heartstrings when you gaze into their big round eyes.

#10 Mr Poof the budgie

If furry animals aren’t your thing or you’re allergic to animal fur, why not consider feathery friends like Mr Poof(@mr.poof)? Budgies are known to be intelligent creatures and Mr Poof certainly shows it! With a shiny coat of feathers and a knack for talking, you’ll never be alone again!

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📸Featured image: @pugloulou, @juniperfoxx & @fuzzberta (via Instagram)

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