Trendy Dresses We Are Wearing After Circuit Breaker Phase 2

Circuit Breaker may be over, but we are still in Phase One. It has been tough having to quarantine ourselves at home, however, let’s just admit that quarantine has only given us more time to shop for clothes from every single online store available.

Flower Child Club is currently having a sale on their website and we can’t resist adding all of these gorgeous spring dresses to our carts.

#1 Flash Rainbow Bandage Dress (S$56)

If you love wearing colours but don’t want to look like a walking rainbow, check out this iridescent bandage dress.

A plus point for this dress is that you can not only wear it out on a date, but also casually and to the office too. Simply pair it with a blazer if you want to give it more modesty.

The Flash Rainbow Bandage Dress is available in three sizes and for purchase here.

#2 “Cherry On The Cake” Dress (S$56)

This lovely dress is perfect if you want to celebrate the spring season without looking like you are. What’s that term we use for wanting to do something but not wanting the whole world to know it from their first look? Oh right, low-key. This is your ticket to low-key celebrating spring.

Bonus brownie points for this dress: it can be worn on any other day whether it is for a date, to the mall or to the office.

This dress is available in three sizes for purchase here.

#3 Slash Neck Tank Dress (S$70)

Are you a denim lover? If you are, you are in luck. Trust us when we say we would totally buy seven of them and wear one every single day. Wearing it by itself can give you a sweet look, but you can look casual as well when pairing it with a cardigan for that extra layer when you go to the movies. Throw on a simple blazer to give it a more classy touch.

The Slash Neck Tank dress is available in denim and black for purchase here.

Tip: If you like to give your outfits a more personal touch like we would, throw on a top underneath it like you would when you wear a dungaree. Here are some similar to what we have in mind.

#4 Chic Green Party Dress (S$56)

Although the name of the dress has “party” in it, it does not necessarily mean that it can only be worn to parties. The Chic Green Party Dress is an elegant dress that we deem best for wearing it out on a date. The frills outlining the dress give it a such a sweet and soft touch. If you are afraid of wearing brighter colours but want to add a little more colour to your wardrobe, the green of this dress is a perfect add-on.

Available in three sizes, you can purchase the Chic Green Party Dress here.

#5 Silk Strap Dress (S$56)

Imagine catching a sudden glimpse of a flash while walking down the street. Except, it’s not a flash but just someone wearing this silver silky strappy dress. Wearing this would guarantee all eyes on you, we promise.

This elegant little dress is perfect for a date night out or to an evening social event. If you’re afraid of getting the chills, pair it with a thick furry or wooly jacket for the extra posh. Want to add extra bling to your dress? Throw on a silver chain belt. Just remember that there’s no such thing as overdressing when it comes to evenings and nights.

Here are a few looks with reference to what we have in mind.

The Silk Strap Dress is available in three sizes for purchase here.

#6 Floral Criss Cross Dress (S$49)

In contrary with the previous cherry-printed dress earlier, this strappy floral dress is your megaphone for flaunting spring. Perfect for dates, picnics and even to the club. Some floral-printed clothes can be a little too over-the-top, however Flower Girl Club managed to grasp the balance.

This dress is best suited for not only spring, but summer as well. And if you need an extra pop of colour in your wardrobe, be sure not to miss out on this.

The Floral Criss Cross Dress is available in three sizes for purchase here.

#7 Zoey’s Romance Dress (S$50)

If you love neutral colours just as much as we do, you are probably going to love this brown dress. Simple yet sophisticated, this dress is another one that can be worn for any occasion on Earth. Seriously, we mean it. Just picture yourself in this dress anywhere at all. A typical trip to the mall, a relaxing day at the beach, to class, to work or to your partner’s house. This fits the bill for everything, doesn’t it?

If you like to layer you clothes, go crazy with the outerwear. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cream cardigan, a black leather jacket or a denim jacket. You name it, you rock it. Again, we can’t emphasize enough just how much we love versatility.

The Zoey’s Romance Dress is available in one size for purchase here.

Right now, Flower Child Club is having a sale on their website with free shipping available. Be sure to check them out if you love pretty apparels just like we do.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Vivichi, Flower Child Club

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