TV Shows and Movies We Binge Watched in June

Time seems to pass really fast these days. Especially when there is a good drama or movie to watch (or binge). In the blink of an eye, the restrictions of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) are coming to an end. This means we can look forward to going back into old routines. If binging on TV shows or movies is still part of your plan, this article would be useful.

Over the past month, we have unexpectedly binge-watched so many shows and movies. Of course, this all happened while we were still busy committing to our full time jobs. If you have just finished a show and is looking forward to other shows to binge on, you are on the right page. Scroll along for some quality shows you must not miss.

#1 Lupin (Part 2)

One of the highlights this June in the TV show sphere is the release of Lupin (Part 2). The French TV series that first premiered to the world on Netflix in January 2021 continued its run with part two; following the adventures of Assane Diop (Omar Sy) whose actions and plans were inspired by fictional gentleman burglar and master of disguise, Arsรจne Lupin.

We are not going to lie- the TV show did take the world by stealth. It crept into our lives (thanks, Netflix!) and was indeed the show we never knew we needed. If you are looking for a show stopper, this is it. Follow Diop’s journey through Lupin, as he seeks to undo the injustice and murder of his father that dates back to two decades; all while navigating through love, family and friendship.

TFC’s ratings: 5/5

Watch the trailer here:

#2 Sweet Tooth

Post-apocalyse worlds typically don’t attract us but we decided to give Sweet Tooth a chance because we saw that it involves a boy who is half human, half deer. First impression: how adorable?!

In this world, a virus that infected the world caused The Great Crumble and at the same time, saw the mysterious emergence of hybrid babies who were half human, half animal. Fearing that these hybrids were the cause of the virus, humans feared them and hunted them.

The 8-episodes series is led by 10-year-old Gus (Christian Convery), a hybrid who grew up in the woods with his human father; isolated from civilization. After an unfortunate fight with hunters who discovered their hideout, Gus’ father passed away; leaving Gus to fend for himself. After discovering a photo of his mother and a vague location of where she could be, Gus decided to step out of the safety barrier his father built in hopes of reuniting with his mother. Along the way, Gus was hunted by The Last Men; hunters who wanted to kill hybrids, but he was also saved by one. During this journey, he also discovered his love for sweets and chocolates.

Overall, Sweet Tooth was a delight to watch and we loved the adventures Gus went on and the friendships he’s built. Christian Convery’s acting definitely drew us in! However, there were also characters such as Dr. Aditya and his wife whose scenes we found cringe and hard to watch – this could just be us, though. Gus’ ears and antlers were well animated but we wished the editors would put in as much effort for the other hybrids (you will know what we mean in the last few episodes). Nonetheless, we are thrilled that season two is confirmed and can’t wait for it!

TFC’s ratings: 4/5

Watch the trailer here:

#3 Sweet and Sour

Moving away from TV series, here is a South Korean movie that we would like to categorise as refreshing. The 102-minute movie stars popular actors Jang Ki Yong, Chae Soo Bin and Krystal Jung. The movie started off in the hospital where lead actress Chae Soo Bin plays the role of Da Eun, a nurse at a hospital in Incheon. She meets a patient and through her tender care, they bonded with each other throughout his hospital’s stay and eventually became a couple some time after he was discharged.

The movie follows the journey of the two as they navigate through the differences and widening gap between each other due to conflicting work schedules and relatability; eventually drifting apart. While the story seemed pretty predictable and continues to be so even while we are three quarters in, the ending blew us away.

Just as the movie title suggests, you will experience both sweet and sour moments in this movie (some may even hit close to home) but we believe there will be some quality takeaways. Overall, it is a pleasant movie to watch and we love the plot twist the ending carried. However, we do believe that the movie could have worked with a shorter run time.

TFC’s ratings 3/5

Watch the trailer here:

#4 Shadow and Bone

This fantasy TV series was adapted based on the books by the author Leigh Bardugo. The show follows the story of protagonist Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), who grew up an orphan alongside her best friend Malyen Oretsev (Archie Renaux). In this world, a special group of people called Grishas exist and each of them are born with an unique ability to practice the ‘small science’, or what we call magic. Some can control natural elements such as wind and fire, others can control metal and glass. There are also those who can control bodies. However, there is said to be only one person who can control light – the Sun Summoner. This person is said to be able to destroy the Fold, a region of darkness with dangerous creatures that threaten the safety of Ravka.

The world building of Shadow and Bone is detailed and complex, with many unfamiliar terminologies that required time for us to understand (alongside the help of Google). It would be great if the series could have more episodes to it to allow stronger world building, rather than squeezing the storyline into eight episodes. But overall, we definitely do find it intriguing and original. It is also a delight to see Ben Barnes (aka Prince Caspian from Narnia) in this series. It has been a hot minute.

Fans of fantasy TV shows must certainly add this show to their list. Another good news is that it has also been renewed for a second season with another eight episodes. Hurray!

TFC’s rating: 3.5/5

Watch the trailer here:

As avid TV show and movie fans (and couch potatoes), we are always looking for intriguing shows to watch and share it with our readers. If you’ve got a good recommendation or have watched any of the listed shows here, leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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