The Ultimate Guide To Your First Solo Trip

Girls, ever wanted to go on a trip but your friends and family are just too busy to go? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to go on your first solo trip!

Going on a solo trip can be daunting and scary for some but the experience will allow you to connect with a part of yourself- to take a step away from your friends and family to be more in tuned with yourself.

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While the idea of a solo trip can be exciting, it’s always good to go prepared. We have some tips to make your first trip a success. Caution: You might get addicted to travelling solo after this!

#1 Picking your destination

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What do you want to achieve from this trip? Some of us seek trill and adventure, while some of us want to be able to shop and eat. We suggest taking this opportunity to do something you’ve never done before!

You might be keen in climbing a mountain for the very first time or finally conquering your fear of heights. That’s exactly what this trip is for! No more secretly getting bored while you wait for other parties to finish their shopping. This trip revolves around your needs and getting to do exactly what you want!

If you’re afraid of going too far aboard, think of the many Asian countries you can go to. Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand are popular destinations where level of communication is easy and people are nice. If you aren’t up for these countries due to a language barrier, Perth is a good start and less than five hours away.

#2 Accommodation

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Mix up your options, instead of opting for a hotel, you can try hostels and mingle with fellow tourists. Airbnb is a great option to live like a local too, just be sure to read up the reviews.

#3 Be safe

Even when travelling in groups, it’s always good to have a back-up plan. Keep an online copy of your itinerary and ensure that you are in contact with a trusted friend or family member.

When out and about, dress like a local to avoid too much attention on yourself. Making friends is a great idea but never disclose where you’re staying to anyone, especially when you feel uncomfortable.

Exploring the nightlife in the area can be fun but don’t overdo it with the alcohol, enjoy a glass or two but ensure you are still sober to make your way back to your accommodation.

#4 Join tours

If you don’t feel comfortable in the first few days of travelling solo, it’s totally normal! Book a day trip to get to know the city and travel without fear. Ensure you go on credible websites such as Klook to book your tour!

#5 Have fun!

Travelling solo will be a great experience! It’s all about taking the first step and booking your flight tickets. Every lady should go on a solo trip at least once in her lifetime!

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