7 Ways To Rock A Fanny Pack

One of the latest trends in 2019 is the fanny pack and we think it’s an extremely versatile and convenient apparel to wear! In this article, we’ll show you seven ways to wear one effortlessly.

#1 Wear It With A Sweater & Maxi Skirt
Wanna look chic? You don’t have to be in luxury goods from head to toe. Simply match your outfit with a white fanny pack like this and you’re good to go.

Sweater and Maxi Skirt
Photo Credit: Pinterest

#2 Wear It With A Graphic Tee & Short Tights
All eyes will be on you when you go out in this edgy, all-black and grunge style outfit!

Graphic Tee and Short Tights
Photo Credit: Society19

#3 Wear It With Crop Top & Ripped Denim Shorts
Wanna look good in the killer weather? Just don some ripped denim shorts and crop top with your fanny pack over it to turn heads as you walk.

#4 Wear It With A Huge Coat & Skinny Jeans
if you love a huge coat for cold places, this outfit is yours to flaunt!

Huge Coat and Skinny Jeans
Photo Credit: Wheretoget
Coat from Poshmark for USD130 (SGD178~)

#5 Wear It With A Simple Top & Mid-Rise Jeans
And of course, the simplest outfit to style your fanny pack and still look amazing would be a simple top and some mid-rise jeans.

Simple Top and Mid-Rise Jeans
Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter
Fanny Pack from Alexander Wang for ยฃ462.00 (SGD793~)

#6 Wear It With A Mini Skirt
Feeling cute? Just pair your fanny pack with any mini skirt!

Mini Skirt and Fanny Pack
Photo Credit: Nasty Gal via Pinterest
‘Chanel’ Fanny Pack from Nasty Gal for USD750 (SGD1030~)

#7 Wear It With A Dress
Of course, how could we forget the good old little black dress? Wearing your fanny pack over a simple bodycon dress will enhance your curves. Ladies, flaunt them!

Dress and Fanny Pack
Photo Credit: Fashion Nova
Fanny Pack from Fashion Nova for USD16.98 (SGD23~)

There we have it, the seven ways to rock the fanny pack. The versatility of fanny packs is the reason we’re so obsessed with it, don’t you think?

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๐Ÿ“ธ Featured Images: Tokopedia, Dollskill, Ezbuy

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