What You Need to Know About New Taiwanese Netflix Original Drama Triad Princess

triad princess

2019 may be coming to an end but it sure is ending with a bang! If you think your list of ‘best dramas in 2019’ is ready for submission, latest Netflix original drama Triad Princess will make you change your mind.

Launched on December 6, the Taiwanese drama stars Jasper Liu (劉以豪), the Taiwanese heartthrob who broke all our hearts in More Than Blue (比悲傷更悲傷的故事) and Eugenie Liu (劉奕兒).

The plot

The Netflix series may only have six episodes but we promise it packs a punch. In Triad Princess, Ni An Qi (Eugenie Liu) grew up in the underworld as the daughter of the biggest triad boss in Taiwan. She has been trained in a number of martial arts such as taekwando, boxing and more. On the other hand, Xu Yihang (Jasper Liu) is a handsome and successful celebrity everyone sees as Prince Charming.

One day, Ni An Qi and Xu Yihang’s lives collide as the tried boss daughter became a bodyguard for his label. And oh, did we mention that An Qi is a big fan of Xu Yihang? ;)

We are not going to reveal too much but if you are looking for the trailer, here it is.

P/s: Jasper Liu is a total heartthrob!

Having binge watched the entire series in one seating, we would say it is a pretty decent rom-com drama with a great cast, both main and supporting.

If you are looking for something new to watch, look no further. Give Triad Princess a chance and let us know what you think of it!

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Featured Image: Eugenie Liu (via IG)

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