Zero Waste: Plastic-Free Gift Wrapping Ideas To Try This Christmas

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The most beautiful time of the year is finally here and so is the season of giving! While you and your loved ones bask in the glitz and glamour of Christmas, don’t forget to cut down on unnecessary waste and only use resources that you need. After all, we have enough waste (especially plastic) on our planet and do not need more.

If you are a conscious shopper and wish you could do your part for the environment, begin by switching out the plastic wrappers or bags for these reusable and eco-friendly furoshiki fabric gift wraps instead. We promise you they would look just as good, if not better, than then the plastic bags your loved ones would tear and throw!

Furoshiki, eco-friendly and reusuable fabric gift wrap
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Instagram user Kate (@my_plastic_free_home) recently came up with a list of plastic-free gift wrapping ideas and one of it is inspired by the traditional Japanese furoshiki wrap, where items or gifts are wrapped in fabric. To avoid additional waste, Kate went thrift shopping for pre-loved scarves and tried her hand at furoshiki wrapping. According to her, she gave the old scarf a new life and love how it could be reused!

Here’s a quick video tutorial of her trying her hand at furoshiki gift wrapping:

Video Credit: @my_plastic_free_home (via IG)

Here are some more lovely furoshiki gift wraps we love that will inspire you this Christmas:

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Furoshiki, eco-friendly and reusuable fabric gift wrap
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

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Featured Image: @my_plastic_free_home (via IG)

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