A-List Chinese Actress Zhao Liying Shows Off Fit Body

Zhao Liying shows off toned body

32-year-old Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) recently wowed fans with a series of photos showing off her toned body on Weibo, a Chinese social networking app.

According to Zhao, “there is an advantage to working out” and we cannot agree more. Just check out how defined her biceps and back muscles are! Her frame has always been small, so it is good to see that she’s working on developing her muscles and building that upper body strength; an aspect that most Asian celebs don’t usually focus on thanks to the typical beauty standards.

Zhao Liying shows off toned arms
Photo Credit: Zhao Liying (via Weibo)
Zhao Liying shows off toned back muscles
Photo Credit: Zhao Liying (via Weibo)

Working hard after motherhood

In 2018, Zhao married her co-star Feng Shao Feng (冯绍峰) from The Story of Ming Lan and Monkey King 3. In March 2019, the vouple announced the birth of their first son.

After a long hiatus, Zhao finally made a comeback in the wuxia drama The Legend of Fei, alongside co-star Wang Yibo. After months of filming, the drama finally wrapped up last month and is now in post-production.

Photo Credit: Tencent Video

Check out the drama trailer here!

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📸 Featured Image: Weibo

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